Providing Value-Added Services to Develop with Clients

Sinochem regard our employees the most important resource of our company, and also the primary factor for our success. With the rapid development of Sinochem, we set up a human resource management system that is based on the labor market, built around performance management and guided by our corporate culture, so as to enable the employees to grow with the company.

Our recruitment policy is in line with the corporate development strategy, targeting at talents who appreciate our corporate culture, and meet the ability requirement of our company. Our human resource philosophy is “Valuing both ability and integrity, Giving integrity a priority”. Our door is wide open to the society to attract and select talents through transparent recruitment and fair competition.

Wherever we run our business, we abide by the local laws and regulations, bear in mind the corporate citizenship, and uphold a non-discriminatory human resource policy that treats every employee equally and justly, regardless their nationalities, colors, ethnics, genders, and religious believes.

Sinochem conduct employee performance management in order to combine the individual’s goal with the organization’s goal, and improve the company’s performance through improving employees’ performance.

Sinochem operate a market-oriented compensation and benefits system that fully recognizes the value of every member staff for their contribution. In order to encourage our staff to have lifetime learning and increase their individual value,Sinochem have established a relatively complete training system.

By December 31st 2009, Sinochem employed a total of 42282 people across the world, with an average age at 33.