Sustainable Development Model Stakeholders Communications
Sinochem integrate CSR into our values, mission, and vision, as well as in all business operations and embed it in cooperation with our stakeholders, allowing us to realize an organic combination of CSR and business management.
Based on our 5 major business segments, Sinochem continues to innovate the way we communicate with our stakeholders, and is taking the initiative to identify key topics under our CSR theme.
Global Responsibility
As a member of the UNGC, Sinochem Group see its CSR as an organic part of the corp. genes. We are trying to integrate CSR into our business operation throughout the whole process of internationalization. We have established a great image of “responsible Sinochem & Responsible Chinese enterprise” overseas.
Sinochem Is All Around You
Chemical:we manufacture textile and dyestuff for garments, offering a diverse choice of clothing to people.

Agriculture:we breed new seed varieties for grains and vegetables, providing a more diverse diet to people; we develop green pesticides and fertilizers to increase crop production and yield.

Chemical:we develop and manufacture food additives to improve food quality.

Chemical:we produce polyurethanes and HFC-245a foaming agent to enhance the energy-saving function of our construction materials; we produce plastics such as PP and PVC, which are widely applied in pipelines, doors, and windows.

Real estate:we built hight-end buildings and provide thoughtful property services.

Chemical:we operate rubber, rubber products and plastics, which serve as the raw materials for tires and other accessories in automobiles to meet the demands of the auto industry.

Energy:we are expanding our gas station layout. Currently, we own nearly 500 gas stations, providing a stable diesel and gasoline supply to meet poeple's transportation demands.

Chemical:as a professional operator of a pharmaceutical supply chain in China, we vigorously cooperate with globally recognized biotech pharmaceutical companies to enhance our overall strength.

Finance:we provide a comprehensive solution package for medical establishments in China, including financing, medical engineering, investment and develpment, management consulting, equipment and facility services, to help the medical care services develop in China. By the end of 2012, we provided services to more than 1500 hospitals.

Finance:we provide schools with multifaceted finacial services, including financing for equipment procurement and for school infrastructure construction to improve their teaching conditions. By the end of 2012, we had provided services to more than 120 universities, nearly 200 occupational training schools, more than 160 high schools, and around 50 local bureaus of education.