Sinochem Group’s agricultural business operates with Sinochem Agriculture as its entity, aiming to achieve the mission of “Technology for Better Agriculture”, and establishing a modern agricultural technological platform of MAP (Modern Agriculture Platform).

Sinochem Agriculture’s MAP strategy encourages “moderate scale of land”, employs modern technologies to “do better farming”, takes modern agriculture planting technologies and smart agriculture as its measures, and provides online and offline comprehensive solutions throughout the whole production process. By implementing the strategy, we will raise the level of agricultural cultivation in an all-round way, gradually drive the production to be more market-oriented and professional with higher quality, enhance the value chain, increase the benefits for growers, and in the end promote the comprehensive competitiveness and sustainability of China’s agriculture sector.

Meanwhile, following the “Internet Spirit” of being open, collaborative, co-creative and sharing, the MAP strategy has pooled the resources of modern agricultural products and services, establishing a “modern agricultural services ecosystem” with partners on a win-win basis.

MAP Offline: MAP Technical Centers + MAP Demonstration Farms

Sinochem Agriculture builds offline “MAP Technical Centers” and “MAP Demonstration Farms” across the country to implement the strategy.

Relying on MAP technical centers, Sinochem Agriculture provides scale growers with “7+3” projects like variety planning, soil testing for fertilizer selection, customized crop protection, testing services, agricultural machinery services, technical training, smart agriculture services, agriculture finance, agriculture diesel supply, etc. With MAP demonstration farms as its base, Sinochem Agriculture adopts advanced modern agriculture integration technology to “show farmers how to do well and lead them”, attracting increasingly more growers to participate in the moderate scale operation.

In the next 3 to 5 years, Sinochem Agriculture will build 500 MAP technical centers and 1500 demonstration farms across the country which covers an arable land of over 30 million mu, serving more than 3 million growers, and increasing their revenue by more than 10 billion yuan.

MAP Online: Smart Agriculture

For online operation, Sinochem Agriculture sets up MAP smart agriculture platform to develop O2O business model for modern agriculture services.

Smart agriculture platform integrates modern farm management system, technical service center system and precise planting decision-making system, relying on offline MAP technical service centers and demonstration farm service networks, utilizing mass data on technical services, agricultural products and production, drawing on technologies like mobile Internet and Internet of Things, in order to track and increase the efficiency of service center operation and scale growers’ farm management. In the meantime, continuous data collection and artificial intelligence application can integrate the online and offline services of MAP and reinforce them, facilitate the agricultural production to develop from standardization to precision to intelligentization.