Sinochem Agriculture gives full play to its own advantages, developing and integrating premium resources across the value chain. We conduct comprehensive strategic cooperation with domestic leading enterprises of grain collection and storage, grain trading, food processing and industrial production on staple crops like rice, corn and wheat as well as regional crops like miscellaneous grain and fruit. Meanwhile, we strive to explore global channels and meet our partners’ demand for diversified, high-standard and sustainable agricultural products through market-oriented operation, order planting, directional supply, etc. Therefore, we assist modern agriculture growers in building moderate-scale standard agricultural production based on market demands, enhance their anti-risk capabilities and sustainable profitability, and in the end promote the development of Chinese modern agriculture.

In the meantime, Sinochem Agriculture provides MAP services and agricultural products like rice, miscellaneous grain, fruit and vegetable, produces exclusive, green, safe and high-quality end-products, offering healthy and delicious food for consumers.