Sinochem Group’s agrochemicals business covers the whole value chain, including R&D on both patent and generic products, AI (active ingredient) production, formulation processing and packaging, product registration and brand marketing domestically and internationally. We are a leading enterprise in proprietary agrochemical products development in China, and one of the few Chinese companies in possession of high-end global brand agrochemicals. Our overall competitive strength is among the top in China.

We own two national level agrochemicals R&D platforms, namely Sinochem International Science and Technology Innovation Center and Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Industry. Until now, 12 proprietary agrochemicals are registered and sold. The Testing Evaluation Centre of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry is the only laboratory in China to obtain a GLP certification from an OECD member, Netherlands Government. Two FAO standards for proprietary agrochemicals, pyraoxystrobin active ingredients and aqueous suspension concentrate, were formulated by Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry. It is the first time that China drafts international standards for agrochemical products

With four manufacturing bases in Shenyang, Lianyungang, Nantong, and Yangzhou, we enjoy an active ingredient production capacity of 160,000 tons in total, covering more than 40 active molecules in herbicide, fungicide, pesticide and crop growth regulator. Production scale and quality of particular varieties like glyphosate, pyrethroids, dicamba, pymetrozine, mesotrione and pimelie kelone have reached world class.

Sinochem Group constantly improves its distribution channels both home and abroad. We have independent international trade teams in Thailand, India, the Philippines, Australia and footprint in nearly 70 countries and regions in the world. We have a rich portfolio of products and brands, greatly enhancing product registration capability. We are in possession of nearly 500 chemical trademarks in the world, including “Youth”, “Moju”, “Shuanggong”, “Aike”, “Junsiqi” and “9080”. Sinochem Group have the brand ownership in China for four brands including “Machete”, new “Machete”, “Harness” and “Lasso”. We have also been licensed by the suppliers with four brands that enjoy exclusive distribution right in China, namely “Roundup”, “Omex”, “Latitude” and “Rocket”, enabling us to take a leading place in China’s high-end agrochemicals market.

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