Jinmao Property

China Jinmao develops three product lines of fu, yue and shu, leading China’s high-end and green-tech residential market in pursuit of better housing for urban residents.

Jinmao Hotel

China Jinmao has rich experience to design, invest and manage high-end hotels, building sound partnerships with world-class hotel management groups like Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood, etc.

Jinmao Leasing

China Jinmao develops and operates landmark office buildings in prime areas in first- and second-tier cities in China, among which Chemsunny World Trade Center in Beijing and Jinmao Tower in Shanghai take the leading position in the market in terms of operation quality, occupancy rates and rental for years in a row.

Jinmao Retail

China Jinmao creates a complete value chain of retail properties and pools global resources to build experience-oriented business centers for customers to “enjoy quality life”, owning many well-known brands like “The Mall of Splendors” and “J LIFE”.