Activities to Facilitate Social Progress

While pursuing more economic achievement, we are also committed to social welfare projects, and make contribution to the social harmony through our own sustainable development.

We continue our assistance to Tibet by combining infrastructure construction with education investment, and promoting the economic development and changes of mindset. We focus on both short-term and long-term benefits, and regard increasing farmers and shepherds’ income as the most important means in our assistance. Since our assistance to Gangba County in 2002, we have made a total contribution of RMB 44 million, provided assistance to and conducted over 50 infrastructure construction and personnel training projects.

We are dedicated to alleviating poverty in China. Since 2002, under the leadership of the State Council, we provided assistance to Helinggeer and Qingshuihe counties of Inner Mongolia. In the past seven years, we have put in nearly RMB 24 million to improve the local infrastructure, medical care, basic education, agriculture, pasturage, and forestry.

When we operate our overseas business, we are pursuing mutually-beneficial outcome and common development with the local community, aim at achieving harmonious co-existence between resource development and environment protection as well as social progress, and commit ourselves to establishing long-term stable cooperation with the countries we operate in. While advancing our own business, we help the local people to improve their life, and make contribution to the local development.

We also care about the education development and provided diversified assistance to schools and students. On the one hand, we actively make donation to build primary schools; on the other, we provide scholarship to outstanding students suffering from poverty to help them realize their dream.

we continued to advance our Volunteer Program and strengthened the sense of responsibility and dedication of our staff members. We also call on our employees to make contribution to facilitating social justice, and promoting the sustainability and harmony of the society through their day-to-day practice.