Sinochem Holdings’ Subsidiaries Participated at K 2022 in Germany

KraussMaffei, ELIX Polymers and Elkem 11-02

Lately, three subsidiaries of Sinochem Holdings - KraussMaffei, ELIX Polymers and Elkem Silicones, debuted at K 2022 in Germany, showcasing green innovation technologies and sustainable solutions in the field of plastics and materials.

Under the motto “MAKE PLASTIC GREEN. WITH HIGHEST QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY”, KraussMaffei presented numerous innovative products and technologies, underpinning its claim as a leading supplier of sustainable solutions and innovation driver for the plastics industry. Among them, KraussMaffei’s “Precision Molding” and “Power Molding” injection molding machines developed and manufactured in China made their debut at the K Fair, and demonstrated the high-efficiency and low-carbon production process on site. The “precision Molding” machine also showcased the whole process of using 100% renewable raw materials to produce softball racket. In addition, KraussMaffei demonstrated for the first time a large-scale 3D printing system for industrial additive manufacturing solutions, which can not only mass produce large plastic parts with complex structures, but also produce small parts that require high surface quality and fineness.

ELIX Polymers showcased the most circular solutions and technological innovations of E-LOOP series materials to global customers in terms of material development and sustainable operation. ELIX’s flagship product - E-LOOP H801 MR, is in the spotlight, which can be physically recycled to ensure its performance is consistent with the original ELIX ABS H801, and can meet automotive interior and exterior applications. ELIX also demonstrated the first mechanically and chemically recycled PCR products for the first time.

Elkem Silicones showcased its innovative technologies and low-carbon sustainable solutions in new energy vehicles, energy, power and other fields. In response to market and industry pain points, Elkem Silicones has launched the innovative foam sealing products - BLUESILTM RT Foam series. At present, this series has ensured travel safety for 3 million new energy vehicles around the world.

Düsseldorf International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber (referred to as “K Fair” for short) is the world’s largest fair for plastics and rubber industry. This year, more than 3,000 exhibitors from over 60 countries and regions gathered to explore the future of sustainable development around the three themes of circular economy, climate protection and digitalization.