1、How to search in the website of Sinochem Group?

Click “Site Search” box on top right corner of the webpage, input key words or exact phrase, and press enter key or click search button on right of the “Site Search”, so as to search all information in the website.

2、How to save text of the webpage?

Click “Save As” on the menu of “File” and select “Save As Type” to save a file.

3、How to create desktop shortcut of current webpage?

Click the current webpage with the right key of the mouse and then click “Create Shortcut”.

4、How to send the current webpage by E-mail?

Click “Send” on the menu of “File”, click “E-mail Page” or “E-mail Link”, fill in the window of the E-mail and send the E-mail.

5、If the problems above can’t be solved, please:

For any question or suggestion when browsing the website of Sinochem Group, click “Complaint & Suggestion” and leave your message online (for “Attention Type”, select “Complaint & Suggestion” or “Website & IT Technology”); or send an e-mail to